At the NGO Market in Prague

Kata Nagy participated at the NGO Market 2019 organised by the Forum 2000 Foundation on 10 April 2019 in Prague, attended by more than 200 non-profit organisations. She spoke about the Hungarian features on a panel-discussion on „International Cooperation in Non-Profit Sector: Benefits and Challenges” focusing on outstanding issues of non-profit sector in V4 countries. The full program of the event is available here.

Visegrad NGO People

Fanni Bársony participated at a study tour organised by the Polish Fundacja Edukacja dla Demokracji in Warsaw and Lublin between 25 February and 1 March 2019. At the meeting of civil groups, Polish, Czech, Hungarian and Slovak participants discussed how to cope with the political pressure on civil society in the region.

NGO Consultation

Judit Bayer represented HES at a workshop organised by the Eötvös Károly Institute (EKINT) and the Budapest Goethe Institute on 17 October 2017. Participants discussed the interests and responsibility of civil society in defending European values. How can NGO-s secure the common values declared in Article 2 of the European Treaty requesting the European institutions and their own national governments to account how they implement them?


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