Visegrad NGO People

Visegrad NGO People

Marek Svoboda (CEELI Institute, Prague), Fanni Bársony (MET), Tímea Molnár (Amnesty International, Budapest), Jolana Turnerová (Spiralis, Prague), Lukáš Zorád (PDCS, Bratislava), András Lukács (Humán Platfor, Budapest)

Fanni Bársony participated at a study tour organised by the Polish Fundacja Edukacja dla Demokracji in Warsaw and Lublin between 25 February and 1 March 2019. At the meeting of civil groups, Polish, Czech, Hungarian and Slovak participants discussed how to cope with the political pressure on civil society in the region.

The Hungarian Europe Society was one of the initiators of the demonstration held on 12 April 2017 at Heroes Square in Budapest against the proposed bill that would stigmatise non-governmental organisations.

Hungarian NGO-s, including the Hungarian Europe Society, started a campaign on 26...

On 12 September 2017 thirty-one Hungarian NGO-s, including HES, signed a joint declaration to draw the attention of the Organisation for the Security and Cooperation in Europe to the...

Salil Shetty, Secretary General of the Amnesty International met representatives of Hungarian NGO-s, including István Hegedűs, at L'Office on 12 October 2017.