László Valki, international lawyer, university professor, doctor of political and legal sciences, member of the Advisory Board of the Hungarian Europe Society died on 29 November 2022. We will always remember his friendship.

István Hegedűs participated at the panel discussion organised by JEF Hungary and Time for a European Federation on the actuality of the book written by Yannis Karamitsios entitled "Time for a European Federation" in Magnet House, Budapest on 28 November 2022.

Pictures from the international conference "The Future of Democracy and the Summit for Democracy from the Perspective of a Hungarian NGO" organised by HES on 26 November 2022.

Photos by Ivola Bazánth

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On 26 November 2022 Klubrádió broadcasted on the international conference "The Future of Democracy and the Summit for Democracy from the Perspective of a Hungarian NGO", organised by the Hungarian Europe Society.

The latest international conference organised by HES: "The Future of Democracy and the Summit for Democracy from the Perspective of a Hungarian NGO"

Date: 26 November 2022, Saturday
Venue: Online via Zoom and in-person at the Ibis Styles Budapest Center, Budapest, 1074 Rákóczi út 58.


Media coverage: Details of the Conference in the Report of Klubrádió (HU)

Once again, it was the Hungarian Europe Society that organised the study tour of the fellows of the German Marshall Fund in Budapest and the Danube band. Ahnna Smith, Matthew King, Alissa Shelton and Dylan Tête met numerous representatives of the Hungarian political scene and civil society between 1-6 April 2022.

The Future of Democracy: Strengthening Liberal Values, Institutions and Procedures at Global, European, Regional and National Levels
online conference of the Hungarian Europe Society
Date: 17 March 2022, Thursday



Thibault Muzergues, French political analyst, author of the books "The Great Class Shift: How New Social Class Structures are Redefining Western Politics" and "War in Europe?: From Impossible War to Improbable Peace" gave an online presentation entitled "The French Presidential Election and the Future of Europe" on 1 March 2022.

In February 2022 HES signed the joint declaraion of Civilizáció to object that the Hungarian authorities' continuously pestering the Oltalom Karitatív Egyesület and the Magyarországi Evangéliumi Testvérközösség (MET). The signatory organisations stand for Oltalom and the religious community of MET and refuse the government's long-lasting offensive against them.

HES signed a joint letter of Civilizáció in February 2022 to express its respect and appreciation to the civil disobedience of Hungarian school teachers. The signatory organisations support the teachers' claims and acknowlede: strike is a fundamental right!


The Hungarian Europe Society signed a letter to the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe issued by 20 civil groups on 13 January 2022 urging for a stricter observation of the fairness of the Hungarian parliamentary elections. 

In April 2021 HES signed the joint declaraion of Civilizáció about the importance of the withdrawal of the LeX NGO and about concerns over the following new draft law.