No Word About the Oppression of Uyghurs

No Word About the Oppression of Uyghurs

Comments by István Hegedűs was published in Il Piccolo on 2 December 2019  about the news that Hungary submits a proposal to the United Nations concerning an international day of remembrance for the victims of communist dictatorships. "The Hungarian Fidesz government, especially Viktor Orbán, want to prove that they are loyal to their anti-communist roots. This is in sharp contrast to the uncritical relationship with communist China: Hungary celebrated 70 years friendship recently" drew Hegedűs the attention of readers. 

On 29 September 2010, István Hegedűs argued against the initiative of the Hungarian government in his speech in a Constitutional Debate - Does Hungary need a new Constitution? ...

Hungary - an “enfant terrible”? This was the title of the presentation held by István Hegedűs at the conference of the Central European Political Science Association entitled From Crisis to Recovery? Domestic and International Responses in a United Europe in Bratislava on 15 October 2010.

István Hegedűs’s article Half a Year of Solitude - Viktor Orbán and the Hungarian EU Presidency was published in Magyar Narancs on 6 January 2011.

István Hegedűs was the guest of the Association of Young Liberals (LIFE) on 16 February 2011 in R.S.9  Theatre.