The analysis by István Hegedűs entitled "The Hungarian elections: What is the current situation and what can we expect?" was published as a European Policy Institutes Network (EPIN) publication on 1 April 2022.
The article of István Hegedűs entitled "Európa-görcsök" ("Inflexibility towards Europe") was published in Népszava on 24 December 2002 about the completion of the accession negotiations between Hungary and the European Union
István Hegedűs was quoted in the Bulgarian newspaper Kapital about the European party political plans of Viktor Orbán on 24 November 2023.
On 20 March 2022 the Bulgarian Dnevnik published an article on the forthcoming Hungarian parliamentary elections citing the assessment by István Hegedűs. 
On 23 April 2020, the European Platform for Democratic Elections published HES chairwoman Zsuzsanna Végh’s analysis on the domestic developments of the first weeks following the adoption of the so-called empowerment law in Hungary.