Távlatos politizálás a félelem politikája helyett

Távlatos politizálás a félelem politikája helyett


Távlatos politizálás a félelem politikája helyett

2016. szeptember 7-én megjelent Hegedűs István válasza Judy Dempsey kérdésére „Can the EU Survive Without the EU?” a Carnegie Europe blogján.

Yes, the EU can survive without Britain.

I disagree with arguments that it will be easier to reform the EU without the awkward Brits. Symbolically, the historic European project has suffered an unprecedented blow from the British vote to leave the union. Now, it will be much more difficult to energize the European elites to push the reset button for deeper political integration and a more supranational decisionmaking setup. Still, as a surprising number of demonstrations have shown in the UK since the shocking result of the June 23 referendum, pro-EU parties and politicians are not so lonely in their often uncertain efforts to keep the European construction working.

The multiple challenges facing the EU have strengthened populist forces all over the continent; many present not a cure but a clear danger to the European liberal democratic order. Some future political scenarios at the European and national levels may look shocking. Still, if democrats are able to change the general framing of public discourse from the politics of fear to the politics of vision, including a new narrative of a reinvented Europe, they might win in the long run. They have to find an emotional tone to supplement the rational arguments in favor of the EU cause.

Yet, politics is not just about smart communication techniques and a renewed language. The EU also needs self-confident democratic politicians in each member state.

2010. május 14-én Hegedűs István előadást tartott Euroscepticism, Europessimism Twenty Years After the Regime-Changes címmel az Inclusion completed, adaptation successful? - What divides new and old members in the European Union, 6 years on?

A 2011. november 21-én a CEU Európai Unió Bővítési Tanulmányok Központja által rendezett "Mapping Out Possibilities of V4 Countries in Strengthening the Civil Society Sectors of Serbia and Georgia" című konferencián Hegedűs István, a MET elnöke moderátorként működött közre.

"Megszorítás, szolidaritás, stabilitás?

Megjelent 2017. április 9-én Brückner Gergely interjúja Hegedűs Istvánnal az Indexben a Közép-európai Egyetem elleni kormányzati támadás okairól.

Hegedűs István nyilatkozott a Lánchíd Rádiónak a Közép-európai Egyetemmel szembeni kormányzati politikáról 2017. június 1-jén.