The Migration of Constitutional Ideas

CímThe Migration of Constitutional Ideas
Közlemény típusaKönyv / Book
Év / Year2007
SzerzőkScheppele, Kim Lane, Choudhry Sujit, Hirschl Ran, Tushnet Mark, Weinrib Lorraine, Goldsworthy Jeff, Sajo Andras, Rosenfeld Michel, Gaudreault-Desbiens Jean-François, Cossman Brenda, Moran Mayo, Kumm Mattias, Schneiderman David, Walker Neil, Scheppele Kim, Roach Kent, Gro Oren, and Choudhry Sujit
Kiadó / PublisherUniversity of Toronto
Város / CityToronto
A publikáció nyelve / Publication Languageeng

The migration of constitutional ideas across jurisdictions is emerging as one of the central features of contemporary constitutional practice. In this book, leading figures in the study of comparative constitutionalism and comparative constitutional politics from North America, Europe, and Australia discuss the dynamic processes whereby constitutional systems influence each other.

1. Migration as a new metaphor in comparative constitutional law Sujit Choudhry; Part I. The Methodology of Comparativism: 2. On the blurred methodological matrix of comparative constitutional law Ran Hirschl; 3. Some reflections on method in comparative constitutional law Mark Tushnet; 4. The postwar paradigm and American exceptionalism Lorraine Weinrib; Part II. Convergence Toward a Liberal Democratic Model?: 5. Questioning the migration of constitutional ideas: rights, constitutionalism and the limits of convergence Jeff Goldsworthy; 6. Spreading liberal constitutionalism: an inquiry into the fate of free speech rights in new democracies Andras Sajo and Michel Rosenfeld; 7. Underlying principles and the migration of reasoning templates: a trans-systemic reading of the Québec Secession Reference Jean-François Gaudreault-Desbiens; 8. Migrating marriages and comparative constitutionalism Brenda Cossman; Part III. Comparative Constitutional Law, International Law and Transnational Governance: 9. Inimical to constitutional values: complex migrations of constitutional rights Mayo Moran; 10. Democratic constitutionalism encounters international law: terms of engagement Mattias Kumm; 11. Constitution or model treaty? Struggling over the interpretive authority of NAFTA David Schneiderman; 12. The migration of constitutional ideas and the migration of the constitutional idea: the case of the EU Neil Walker; Part IV. Comparative Constitutional Law in Action - Constitutionalism Post 9/11: 13. The migration of anti-constitutional ideas: the post-9/11 globalization of public law and the international state of emergency Kim Scheppele; 14. The post-9/11 migration of Britain's Terrorism Act 2000 Kent Roach; 15. Control systems and the migration of anomalies Oren Gross.