The Czech Republic and the Refugee Crisis

TitleThe Czech Republic and the Refugee Crisis
Publication TypeCikk / Journal
Év / Year2016
AuthorsLassen, Christian Kvorning
Kulcsszavak / Keywordscrisis, Refugee Crisis

Much as it has been the case in the rest of Europe, the refugee crisis and the questions of how to cope with it has polarized Czech society into two distinct camps. One based in the capital and, to lesser extent larger cities, in favor of migration, and the rest of the country, the latter being the larger and more predominant, against migration. The discourse towards refugees and the refugee crisis in the Czech Republic, however, is predominantly anti-immigrant, although windows of opportunities to mold this discourse remain strong. This is partially due to a growing economy with an acute demand for labor and the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, partially because the Czech Republic has little to no experience with refugees, being a transit country.