What is At Stake At the European Elections?

What is At Stake At the European Elections?

Hegedűs István, Jávor Benedek, Mayer Lajos, Szanyi Tibor, Papp Katalin

István Hegedűs was a guest speaker at the conference "We Also Make our Voice Heard" organised by the National Representation of Pensioners and the foundation of the Trade Union KKDSZ in OKISZ Incubator House on 25 April 2019. 

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The article of István Hegedűs entitled "Európa-görcsök" ("Inflexibility towards Europe") was published in Népszava on 24 December 2002 about the completion of the accession negotiations between Hungary and the European...

István Hegedűs gave a presentation entitled "European Elections and European Party Politics: Lessons Learned from the Hungarian European Campaign" at the conference "European Elections between Domestic and European Politics – Sharing Best Practices" organised by the Centrul Român de Studii...

István Hegedűs gave a presentation at the seminar of the General Electric Human Resources Leadership Program in Hotel Hilton, Budapest, on 7 May 2007.

The article by István Hegedűs "Görcsoldó. Provincializmus vagy európaizálódás" about the Hungarian strategy of foreign affairs was published by Figyelő on 13 December 2007.