The Last Stop

The Last Stop

István Hegedűs, Zsófia Stahl and András Schweitzer participated at the final meeting of the EUbyCitizens project organised by Maison de l'Europe in Paris between 18-20 May 2017.

The HES – as the partner organisation of Maison de l’Europe de Paris – completed a survey in the framework of the ...

The online booklet was published in the framework of the EUbyCitizens project managed by Maison de l'Europe in Paris at the end of 2017.

Hungary in the Schengen system - Bastion or Gateway? the booklet published by the Hungarian Europe Society on the visa issuance practice in Hungary can be downloaded below.

The Hungarian Europe Society organised an international workshop on European policy issues on 4 December 2009 in Budapest.

The program of the workshop

Tamás Molnár was interviewed by InfoRádió after the workshop

Pictures of a Workshop