On the Bomb Attacks in London

On the Bomb Attacks in London

On the Bomb Attacks in London

The Hungarian Europe Society declares its revulsion and horror at the despicable attacks in London on 7 July 2005. We offer our sympathy to the many hurt and bereaved. 

The Society expresses solidarity with the people of London. All of Europe, indeed the whole world, is under threat. The terrorists must not win, and will not win. 

The terrorists aim to cause fear and panic, and we applaud the courage of the people of London in refusing to allow their way of life to be disrupted. 

We view this attack on innocent people as an act which can never be justified. The terrorists' callous disregard for life makes them the enemies of all people of the world who believe in peace, justice, and the rule of law. This Society reaffirms our belief that the roots of terrorism will be weakened by the spread of democracy, liberal values and social justice. 

London is an international city with people of every nationality and every religion, and doubtless a major terrorist objective is to drive a wedge between the communities by spreading fear and mistrust. We call upon the people of London to remain unified in the face of this threat, and for all people who prize the values of peace and democracy to work together to defeat terrorism. 

We call on the institutions of the European Union to strengthen Community cooperation in the fight against terrorism. 

7-11 July 2005