Friendship and Social Status

Zsuzsanna Szelényi, member of the Hungarian Europe Society, Program Director of the CEU Democracy Institute Leadership Academy held a presentation to members of the organisation on 22 January 2023 in Brussels about her book entitled
On 3 January 2020 members of the Hungarian Europe Society discussed the report entitled "Tyranny and Hope" as well as the political situation in Hungary at their traditional annual meeting.
Fruzsina Albert, sociologist, Semmelweis University, made a presentation to members of the Hungarian Europe Society in Brussels on 4 October 2018.
On 28 September 2021 Carsten Q. Schneider (Professor, Department of Political Science and Research Affiliate, Democracy Institute, CEU) gave an online presentation entitled “Germany - After the Elections and Before Government Formation” to HES members.
On 23 February 2023 Epp Lauk and Kristina Juraitė, Professors at the Vytautas Magnus University Kaunas talked online about the objectives of the new DIACOMET project that will start with the participation of the Hungarian Europe Society after a successful application for an EU grant.