On Turkey in Budapest

On Turkey in Budapest


The event entiteld "Turkey and the European Union: Problems and Prospects" was organised by the Economic Development Foundation (IKV) in Istanbul, the Hungarian Europe Society, and the Center for EU Enlargement Studies at the Central European University.
The one-day conference focused on Turkey’s current relations and accession process to the EU. It addressed the main and most current issues under discussion with regard to Turkey’s relations with the EU during the period of the Hungarian Council Presidency. The meeting had a general focus on the relations as a whole while at the same time concentrating on more specific EU-related issues.

Date: 14 April 2011, Budapest

Venue: Central European University, Popper Room


One hour and twenty-two minutes long video on the conference

The article of the online journal Index about the conference on 15 April 2011


15 April 2011.