Traditional Workshop

Traditional Workshop


Hegedűs István, Uszkiewicz Erik

Members of the Hungarian Europe Society gave lectures at the annual final meeting of the organisation on 29 December 2018. First Erik Uszkiewicz presented his research subject under the title "Impacts of the Russian disinformation war on the European elections and the role of the media", then, Fanni Bársony spoke about her topic entitled "Community economy: utopie, paradoxon, or a realistic alternative?", and finally the analysis by Gábor Kiss entitled "Where is still space for humans? Robotisation and digitalisation in tomorrow's industry" was discussed by the audience. 

29 December 2018.

Fruzsina Albert, sociologist, Semmelweis University, made a presentation to members of the Hungarian Europe Society in Brussels on 4 October 2018.

Tamás Molnár, member of the Hungarian Europe Society, researcher at the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights in Vienna, made a presentation entitled "After the European refugee crisis - still in the same operational mode?" at the Brussels seat of HES on 1 February 2018.

The research group of the Hungarian Europe Society presented its third report entitled "What Does the PERC Indicator Show?" about the attitudes of the Hungarian political parties towards the European Union on 28 March 2018 at the Center for...