Petra Bárd: The Rule of Law and Terrorism

The publication by HES entitled "Uncertain Times: The Future of Trans-Atlantic Relations from the Perspective of NGOs and Think Tanks in Central Europe and Hungary" has been issued in December 2021. 
The publication "The Renewal of Liberal Democracy: Strategy, Vision, Competition, Parties, Civil Society" has been issued by the Hungarian Europe Society in June 2023. 
Narrative report on the workshop entitled “From Populist, Illiberal Political Narratives to Conspiracy Theories and Fake News in the Visegrád Region and Beyond” organised by the Hungarian Europe Society on 7 June 2018 in Budapest and related activities in the “Open Space, Regional Networking, Me
Where Does the PERC-index Stand? or from EU Destructivists to Federalists: the Relationship of Hungarian Parliamentary Parties towards the European Union - the first report (2012) of the research team of HES can be downloaded below (in Hungarian).