Open Forum on the Western Balkans in Budapest

Open Forum on the Western Balkans in Budapest


Bartha Attila, Györkös Péter, Valon Veliqi, Adnan Huskiæ

Open Forum Budapest on 8-10 May 2009 organised by the Hungarian Europe Society and the Germany-based NGO Citizens of Europe focused on the mismatch between the role of the European Union as a “civilizatory” power in the Western Balkans and the public attention in most of the member states.


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08 May 2009.
The Hungarian Europe Society held an international workshop on 22-23 May 2009 (Friday afternoon and Saturday) in the Gobelin Hall of the Hungarian Parliament.
Recent behaviour of the Hungarian government led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has raised questions whether the country is steering outside the European Union either by leaving the political and economic integration on its own decision or by provoking its expulsion by the European institutions a
On 20 September 2006, Lajos Bokros, professor and chief operating officer at the Central European University, former minister of finance in Hungary made a presentation entitled Stabilisation Packages.