Blaming the Migrants in the Eastern Part of the EU

Blaming the Migrants in the Eastern Part of the EU


The final report entitled "The Response of the Visegrad Countries to the Refugee Crisis" was completed by the Hungarian Europe Society at the end of September 2016. The authors are István Hegedűs, Györgyi Kocsis, Kata Nagy, András Schweitzer, Zsófia Stahl, Erzsébet Strausz, Erik Uszkiewicz, Zsuzsanna Végh, Zsófia Vidák as well as Alena Krempaska, Christian Kvorning Lassen and Peter Weisenbacher. The project was supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation für die Freiheit.

Individual papers for the report:

  • István Hegedűs: Political Games in an „Illiberal Democracy” during the Refugee Crisis
  • Györgyi Kocsis, Kata Nagy: Responses of the Visegrad 4 Countries to the Current European Migrant Crisis. First Lessons of an Expert Survey
  • Alena Krempaska, Peter Weisenbacher: The Refugee Crisis and the Reaction of the Visegrad Countries. Government Policies in National Contexts - Slovakia
  • Christian Kvorning Lassen: The Czech Republic and the Refugee Crisis
  • András Schweitzer: Strangers and the Strange Lands – Cultural Roots of the East Central European “Compassion Deficit”
  • Zsófia Stahl, Zsófia Vidák: Refugees of the Recent “Migrant Crisis” in the Visegrad Group Countries - Cultural and Legal Aspects
  • Zsuzsanna Végh: Refugee and Migration Crisis through the Visegrad Lens One Year in Review
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09 September 2016.

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