Security and Liberty

Security and Liberty

In June 2015 a new book entitled "The Rule of Law and Terrorism" edited by Petra Bárd was published by hvgorac publishing house. The starting momentum of the volume was a conference held by HES under the same title in 2006. The publication has been sponsored by HES from a grant of the Open Society Institute.

On 24 September 2010, Petra Bárd published her views on The Union, the Duma, and the Human Rights in the on-line journal Szuverén.

On 23-24 September 2010, the National Institute of Criminology celebrated its 50th Anniversary Year with a conference on "Freedom, Security and Justice" primarily dealing with criminal policy and criminal cooperation of EU Member States. Petra Bárd was chairing the session on "Freedom".

István Hegedűs represented HES at the conference entitled European Forum on Media Freedom organised by European Alternatives on 13 May 2011 in the Italian city.

A couple of HES members made a presentatiton at the 17th Annual Conference of the Hungarian Political Science Association entitled Structures and Futures of Europe at the István Károlyi Palast and the Central European University on 20-21 May 2011 in Budapest.

HES contributed to the organisation of the roundtable debate at the Central European University on 22 June 2011.