An Article of Two Ministers

On 22 September 2014, István Hegedűs gave an interview to Klubrádió about the hearing of the Hungarian commissioner candidate in the cultural committee of the European Parliament.
István Hegedűs gave an interview to Klubrádió on 5 January 2015 about the European Commission's move to deal with the negative political development in Poland.
István Hegedűs talked about the European Council meeting in Brussels in Klubrádió on 19 October 2012.
István Hegedűs gave two interviews in Klubrádió on 9 February 2015 about the open conflict which emerged between the Hungarian Prime Minister and the Hungarian oligarch, his former close friend.
On 19 August 2014, in Klubrádió, István Hegedűs talked about the opening of the borders between Austria and Hungary and the escape of refugees from the GDR to the West twenty-five years ago.