An Article of Two Ministers

On 19 August 2015, in Klubrádió, István Hegedűs talked about the British Prime Minister's European tour where he intends to present his cabinet's reform ideas. 
István Hegedűs was asked in Klubrádió on 6 January 2015 whether there is a real risk of a foreign attack against Hungary.
István Hegedűs argued in favour of the introduction of the single European currency in Hungary in Klubrádió on 26 November 2013.
On 3 October 2014, István Hegedűs talked about the hearing of the Hungarian candidate commissioner in the European Parliament.
István Hegedűs gave an interview to Klubrádió on 6 September 2017 about the ruling of the European Court of Justice against the Hungarian government on the mandatory relocation scheme for asylum seekers.