The Renewal of Liberal Democracy: Vision, Strategy, Competition. Parties and Civil Society

The Renewal of Liberal Democracy: Vision, Strategy, Competition. Parties and Civil Society


2023 júniusában megjelent a Magyarországi Európa Társaság "The Renewal of Liberal Democracy: Strategy, Vision, Competition, Parties, Civil Society" című publikációja. 

Responsible for publication: István Hegedűs, Chairman of the Hungarian Europe Society (HES)

Editor: István Hegedűs
Graphics: Réka Elekes

Manuscript completed on 1 June 2023
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ISBN 978-615-82312-0-6

Published by Magyarországi Európa Társaság - Hungarian Europe Society H-1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy utca 11.

The “The Renewal of Liberal Democracy: Vision, Strategy, Competition, Parties and Civil Society” project and publication was supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.
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ISTVÁN HEGEDŰS: Introduction _ 6


ANDRÁS SCHWEITZER: Historical Causality and the Prospect for a Happier Hungary _ 10

ZSUZSANNA BODA – ÁBEL BOJÁR – DÁNIEL RÓNA: Defending Liberalism and Winning Over the Left-Behind in Hungary’s Illiberal Regime _ 17
Introduction: The new spectre haunting Europe? _ 17
Right-wing populism’s siren call to the economic left-behind _ 18
The way forward _ 23
Issue selection and central message _ 24
The use of language _ 25
Consistency of communication _ 26
Politicians’ profile _ 27
Conclusion _ 28

ANDREA VIRÁG: Where is the Opposition? _ 30
The bystander opposition _ 30
Substance over form _ 32
Visibility must be found _ 33
Who are they really? _ 34

ENIKŐ ALBERT: Rural Hungary _ 36
Composition of the electorate _ 36
Their view of the world, their media consumption _ 38
Media consumption _ 39
What are the lessons learned from the governing party’s winning strategy and what should the opposition focus on? _ 41
What could make a difference? _ 41


NATHALIE BRACK- RAMONA COMAN: How and Why is Liberal Democracy Contested in the EU _ 43
Introduction _ 43
Populism, autocratisation and undemocratic liberalism: turning points for European democracies _ 45
Defining the concept of dissensus _ 49
Dissensus as a normative concept: the essence or a pre-condition for democracy _ 50
Dissensus as an empirical concept: core dimensions _ 51
The actors and their goals _ 53
The nature/substance of the conflict _ 54
The expression of the conflict _ 55
Conclusion: a new research agenda _ 55

MIKULÁŠ MINÁŘ: Change is Possible. Lessons From The Czech Example: How Civil Society and Parties United Against Populists _ 62
The Story _ 63
Czech Republic 2017 - Democracy in crisis _ 63
Million moments for democracy _ 64
Two unions of opposition political parties _ 66
The election of new president Petr Pavel _ 67
Theory _ 68
The causes of populism _ 68
The application – lessons learned from the Czech example _ 70
Civil society - Million Moments _ 70
Political parties - Role, Responsibility, Strategy _ 71
Great personalities - Competence + Credibility _ 72
Institutions _ 72
Communication and education _ 73
Conclusion _ 74

TOMASZ SAWCZUK: Responses to Illiberalism. Lessons From Poland _ 76
PiS in Power: 2015-2023 _ 76
The Rule of Law _ 76
The State _ 77
Parliamentary Campaign in 2023 _ 79
The Opposition _ 79
Final Remarks _ 82

Authors’ Curriculum Vitae _​ 84

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