Illiberal Playbook

István Hegedűs was a guest speaker at the conference "We Also Make our Voice Heard" organised by the National Representation of Pensioners and the foundation of the Trade Union KKDSZ in OKISZ Incubator House on 25 April 2019. 
István Hegedűs gave a presentation at the conference of individual members of ALDE, the European party of liberals entitled "Wh
István Hegedűs was quoted in a long article published by the Financial Times about Viktor Orbán on 25 January 2018: “Opposition parties or new political forces will break through at some point”, adding: “The war is not l
István Hegedűs elaborated his views in an interview to Klubrádió on 29 July 2015 whether Hungarian politicians were allowed to access the European institutions criticising the Hungarian government.
István Hegedűs was asked in Klubrádió on 6 January 2015 whether there is a real risk of a foreign attack against Hungary.