On the European Youth Convention

The Hungarian Europe Society (HES) welcomes the initiative of the European Convention to establish the convention of young people in Europe. 

One member of our society could also participate in the debate on the future of the European Union, since the representatives of the candidate countries were also invited to Brussels on 9-12 July 2002. HES agrees with the idea that the opinion of the younger generation is highly relevant in the European dialogue.

In accordance with the Final Text adopted by the European Youth Convention, our society finds it very important to create the constitution of the European Union and supports the concept of a more deeply integrated, united European Union. We share the view of the European young people gathered in Brussels, claiming that if this meeting was "anything more than a PR-stunt" for European leaders, it would be worth to call the next talks of the European Youth Convention again. HES would support Hungary's hosting a meeting of the European Youth Convention and would gladly take part in its implementation. At the same time, we suggest to the Hungarian delegates to the European Convention, the government and members of the parliament to put this issue on the agenda.

October 2002.