Is There Life Outside the European Union? Free At Last? - Conference

Is There Life Outside the European Union? Free At Last? - Conference


Recent behaviour of the Hungarian government led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has raised questions whether the country is steering outside the European Union either by leaving the political and economic integration on its own decision or by provoking its expulsion by the European institutions and the other member states. There exist also mid-way potential scenarios. The consequences of the current crisis might be that Hungary remains a member state but only with marginal access to the decision-making processes on European level and with limited advantage-taking from the common financial resources.

2 March 2012, Friday​

European Youth Centre Budapest, 1024 Zivatar utca 1-3.​

The Hungarian Europe Society also thanks for the contributions of the German Marshall Fund, the Patriotism and Progress Public Policy Foundation, and the Stefan Batory Foundation.


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